Why Technical English

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By Galina Vitkova 

The blog is primarily intended for Czech and Russian native speakers. Nonetheless, everybody who speaks English, Russian or Czech is welcome to the blog, too. So, Why Technical English? Does Technical English differ from general English? Does Technical English vary from Business English?

Technical English is a language of a particular branch of technical knowledge such as information technologies, civil engineering, industrial objects planning and building and so forth, and so on. Technical English uses the same grammar, the same grammatical constructions as general English. But technicians are not demanded to have deep knowledge of linguistic details. Nevertheless, they should perfectly know those parts of the grammar that are frequently used in technical texts and technical writing. The main difference between technical and general English lies in lexis. Technical English abounds with professional terminology that is applied by relatively limited number of professionals in their specialized activities. Technical English is not a universal conception. It includes English for electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, IT specialists etc., etc. Technical texts are difficult to understand by non-professionals

In contrast with Business English Technical English deals with technology, engineering, applied science, not with commerce. This blog comprises mainly technical texts about technological and technical problems in the field of computers, the Internet, power engineering, i.e. the fields, where I have some own experience.

You find an inventory of all posts published at this blog in List of all posts at this blog . List of Posts: Tech texts on computers comprises an inventory of posts about computers.  List of Posts: Tech texts on WEB includes headings of posts about the Internet. List of Posts: Tech texts on power engineering and renewables concerns an inventory of posts about power engineering.

There is no surplus of resources for studying Technical English. That is why I put the following list of tuitional materials below:

List of references on Technical English (last revision 30 August 2012)

1.   TECH TALK  

2.   Valerie Lambert, Elaine Murray: English For Work: Everyday Technical English. (Ежедневный Технический Английский)   letitbit.net] [depositfiles.com].  With this book you can download free subsequent stuff (С этой книгой бесплатно скачивают (выборка из длинного перечня)):

3.   Английский язык для нефтяных специальностей

4.   Рубцова М.Г. : Чтение и перевод английской научной и технической литературы. Лексико-грамматический справочник.    

Enjoy, and if you have comments, feel free to send them to me as feedback.


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  1. Looks good, i went ahead and bookmarked it on Digg.com under “About Why Technical English”. Thanks.

    Comment by Damien ny — December 27, 2011 @ 3:03 am

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