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Will eBooks substitute books on paper? | June 30, 2013

Composed by Galina Vitkova  

Nowadays more and more people take interest in electronic books (eBooks) and devices for their reading (eReaders), which become increasingly popular. EBooks are no new technology but their changing of the way we consume literature is steady however slow it may be.  

Those who have experience with eBooks or hear about them consider advantages of eBooks as follows.:

English: Bebook -ebook reader owned by Turku c...

EBooks advantages  

It is easy to buy and install a new eBook. You don’t even need to get off the couch to enjoy a new book. You just wirelessly connect to the book store (e.g. with the help of eReader) and take the eBook of your choice.

  • EBooks are convenient and light.
  • They have ability to change the text font or make the text bigger or smaller
  • EBooks save on shelf space.
  • They don’t require as many trees to be cut down to make them.
  • EBooks are much cheaper than printed books. While most New York Times bestsellers cost around $20 – $30, you can get the same book at the Kindle Store for $9.99.
  • They enable access to a wider array of knowledge.
  • In eBooks you can easily retrieve information about anything you need.
  • You may have your whole library in an eBook reader with yourself. Whenever you are in the mood, you can just take your pick out of a wide variety of books.
  • EBooks don’t melt in the sun and fall apart.

This is the cover image for the novel entitled...

Nevertheless, not all book readers like eBooks. Moreover, many of them seem to dislike eBooks and eReaders. Such people mention the reasons for that as follows:    

EBooks drawbacks

  • The eBooks miss the smell of real books.
  • There’s a lot of history in real books. Old editions are passed on through generations.
  • EReaders for reading eBooks are expensive and perpetuate the advantage of those with money over those with lack of money. Furthermore they can be used as a motive to speed up cuts to library services. For instance, in England a politician interviewed on the radio recently suggested that libraries would become redundant as more people took to eReaders, using this to justify closures of libraries.
  • Even if you can browse for books with an eReader on the Internet, it is quite different from exploring shelves of actual, tangible books and open their actual pages, and smell and feel.
  • The eBooks rely on a battery, which is bad for the environment, and impractical for camping, far flung travel, power cuts if you forget to charge it. And to be honest, many people struggle to remember to charge their phone.

English: Photographic composition of Granmata ...

Usage of the Web capabilities and resources  

With these positives and negatives in mind it is necessary to emphasize that an eBook is not only a copy of a book on paper, it is much more. First of all, eBook may have hyperlinks or simply links to the information on the Internet that corresponds to eBook content but for different reasons is just mentioned in the eBook. With the help of corresponding link the reader is able to get as much information as he / she needs. A further feature that eBooks have and books on paper do not have is their ability to be connected with various media that are active on the Internet. I mean music, movies, gallery of images and so on. Even if images are sometimes placed into printed books, you can never browse the bigger gallery of images, photographs etc. concurrent to the topic of the eBook you read. Providing that does not enhance the price of an eBook in contrast with a price of a conventional book on paper, where good colourful images are of a great price. The mentioned features are valuable especially for professionals in different fields of human knowledge and activities, for people who have hobbies or avocations and such.  

As you see there are clearly positives and negatives to both sides. Neither can be considered correct at the present moment. Only time will tell. It seems there’s going to be a place in the reading world for both.  

Have you started to think that eBooks have merit and decided to buy eReader? In this case when buying pay special attention to a eReader size, a battery life, file support, available memory and wireless.  

Let mi introduce myself: I am your new eReader.


NOTE: If you are confused with the terms eBooks, eReader, Tablet, iPad? find below a short explanation of these terms. VisitWelkyn Software Solutions Pvt Ltdfor details.

EBook (electronic book) is a book available in a digital form and can be read with the help of eReaders, tablets, iPads.

EReader (eBook reader) is a device that is used for reading eBooks. Today there are lots of eReaders available in market, see e.g.Check Out My eReader Reviews.

iPad is a device that runs on the iOS by Apple. It incorporates a software application that enables the collection and storage of eBooks. Moreover, it makes possible sharing of files, surfing the web, checking and sending emails, taking photos and videos, playing games, to watch movies, listen to music, practise social networking, and so on.

Tablet is a common name for variety of devises run on Android by Google. It enables the collection and storage of eBooks too. But it can do more than eReader. Tablets use LCD screen technology, allow sharing of files, surfing the web, checking and sending email, to watch movies, listen to music. Furthermore, they make possible social networking, taking photos and videos, playing computer games, etc.       

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