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Study in Ireland | June 12, 2011

Dear friends of Technical English,
Here below you find a description of how my former student sees his experience with studying in Ireland. Nowadays there are many opportunities for studying and teaching everywhere across Europe. Learn Technical English and you can get staying at some Europe´s technical university.  Galina Vitkova
All Ireland Flag

All Ireland Flag

My study in Ireland

By David Jirovec

I spent 8.5 months (both winter and summer semesters) in Ireland within the EU programme Erasmus. In Cork, Ireland‘s second biggest city, I was studying computer science, the same subject as at the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague About studying in Ireland, namely at the Cork Institute of Technology(CIT), it is rather similar to studying at a high school in Bohemia. A student attends his/her class of about 20 participants and these people study nearly all courses together. We were recommended to choose one of these classes and join it. But since I am in my final year at CTU, I couldn’t find any class with suitable combination of courses. So finally, I took each course with a different class. 

Cork City Marathon 2011

Cork City Marathon 2011

These small classes are set for both lectures and labs, so there are no extended lectures for 200 participants as at CTU. Students are never asked to go to and show something at the blackboard to whole class, results of any student’s tests are never shown to other students.

Exams are carried out only in a written form. They take place in very big halls, where students from different courses are present at the same time. Very strict security measures are held there, students cannot take any bags with themselves, it is forbidden to have even a mobile phone there. Exams are easier than at CTU, sometimes it is like choosing 3 questions out of total 5 and answering them, instead of solving all questions. Worse is that there are no 3 free exam attempts as at CTU. If a student fails once, it is possible to try again in the summer, but it costs some euros. There is no a given minimum of points for any test, it is only  necessary to have a sum of at least 40/100 points at the end of a semester for both in semester work and exams. And no compulsory attendance at any classes is required.

Seat of the Rectorate of the Czech Technical U...

Seat of the Rectorate of CTU in Prague

Relationships between students and teachers are very good, teachers are friendly and helpful. I had no problems with my English in classes, teachers were easy to understand, but sometimes it was more difficult to understand the students, especially when they were talking to each other. I don’t see much improvement in my English grammar, but my communication skills in English improved much. It was definitely very profitable to use English for all day-to-day tasks and conversation, and observe the little differences between English commonly used in Ireland and English language taught at school in Prague. Irish people speak English, which mostly is just a slang language. So, I recommend anybody who is going to visit Ireland to apply http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=what%27s+the+craic%3F in order to understand phrases brought about by Celtic community dialects.

PS The ERASMUS Programme – studying in Europe and more – is the EU’s flagship education and training programme enabling 200 000 students to study and work abroad each year. In addition, it funds co-operation between higher education institutions across Europe. The programme not only supports students, but also professors and business staff who want to teach abroad, as well as helping university staff to receive training. European Commission , Education & Training (http://ec.europa.eu/education/lifelong-learning-programme/doc80_en.htm)

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