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10th anniversary of Wikipedia | January 13, 2011

By Galina Vitkova

 What does the anniversary mean to you? I answer to this question of Wikipedia in such a way.

Pie chart of Wikipedia content by subject as o...

Image via Wikipedia

I highly appreciate Wikipedia, moreover I admire it, its founder, its authors and all people around it. Wikipedia is the best source of information in the world and about the world. I can’t imagine my life without Wikipedia.

Now I am teaching English, Technical English. I am preparing technical texts, first of all for students of technical universities, in the fields of computers, the Internet, power engineering. These are topics I am personally interested in, where I have some knowledge. I see the students are glad to discuss such topics. Due to Wikipedia I am able to prepare a text that is up to date and is based on the contemporary state of the art in the corresponding area. The authors of materials in Wikipedia use present-day terminology, a present way of expressing their ideas. All these factors are extremely important for young people who are going to be specialists in the mentioned areas.

Whenever I am looking for information that I need just this moment, I always start with Wikipedia. The reason is the same again: there I always find out the state of the art of the problem, which I need to study and understand. Only after Wikipedia I look for the additional information in the other sources. Even if sometimes the information in Wikipedia isn’t quite precise (but I have never met it), you can compare it with several other sources and after that make up your mind. In any case you have a frame of the entire issue from the very beginning of the study of a problem. I strongly recommend dropping a look at figures in Wikipedia by the numbers to realize again and again the importance of Wikipedia in our world.

My sincere thanks to Jimmy Wales personally and his collaborators.

Happy 10th birthday Wikipedia!


Reference: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://ten.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page



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