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Have you already procured e-book reader? | June 22, 2010

                                                                                                                          By Galina Vitkova
General  reflection

I like printed books, more than that I love them. Nevertheless, I stopped buying the books short of few exceptions many years ago and the primary reason was the books need too much place in your dwelling.

Electronic books (e-books) are much better from this point of view. First of all, e-books do not demand practically any place in your dwelling. It is incomparably easier to find room for them. Second, e-books are much cheaper than printed ones. Third, they are eco-friendly, above all else because they do not need paper and other substances, which is extremely important at present time. And finally e-books are out of competition when traveling as you can take with yourself your whole library with your favourite books and publications.

But for a relatively long time reading e-books has not given the feeling of comfort. Nowadays e-books together with e- book readers have fundamentally changed the situation with it. Reading e-books has become comfortable and enjoyable. 

However, several buts have still remained. If you are not used to reading from a computer screen, you get unpleasant feeling that something is wrong, when starting to read using an e-book readers. Fortunately, almost all people get easily used to overcoming that. Nevertheless, your eyes could be too sensitive to the screen flicker and you may be very tired in a short time. So, that’s why you need implicitly to have an e-book reader of a high quality, which takes into consideration mentioned troubles.

Technical features of modern e-book readers

The company ECTACO, one of the leading producers of linguistic devices and software, offers very quality devices in this branch including e-book readers. Now ECTACO presents its second line of electronic e-book readers: ECTACO jetBook Lite – the most affordable e-Book Reader on the market with outstanding performance. You can get to know 11 types of present e-book readers produced by ECTACO and Franklin Electronic Publishers and compare their basic characteristics depicted in the table on page e-Book readers.

In general, all these e-book readers support e-book content in most European languages.  Besides, several of them also support Arabic, Farsi, Vietnamese and Hebrew. All books could be stored with their illustrations and pictures. The built in flash-memory allows you to store your favoured books as many as you like.  Moreover, some of these readers contain bidirectional dictionaries for several European languages. As a rule, the e-book readers are preloaded by famous books and publications. All readers have bookmarks and auto page turn functionality and adjustable font type and size. Further, they support screen rotation for both portrait and landscape mode. A large 5-inch VGA reflective monochrome screen make people feel comfortable, when reading, and moreover is thoughtful of the eyes. In the Internet shops you can purchase practically any e-book because these readers support practically entire file formats used in e-books. So, enjoy reading breathtaking e-books, enjoy their illustrations and pictures with the help of modern e-book readers. Just take them with yourselves on these Summer holidays, particularly perceiving that the e-book readers are lightweight (their weights varies in the interval from 6.5oz to 9oz, i.e. from234g to 255g), super-portable and fits perfectly into the palm of your hand.

A price of the e-book readers in the table is within the interval 80$ up to 179$, except a Chinese e-book reader, which costs 349$.

Reference http://www.ectaco.com/main.jsp?refid=35351&vTransferId=null




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