Why Technical English

Students´ opinion (8) | November 8, 2008

Dear colleagues,

Find below another student´s distinctive opinion about importance of English for technical studies. Enjoy it and have comments. Thank you in advance for them.

All the best

Galina Vitkova

The importance of English

By Petr Rys

I think that English is well-nigh certainly the most important world language. It has probably happened due to the large area where people speak English. I like English because it is simple, and I find it nice to listen to.

For me as a potential future electrical engineer English is very important because in the “world of technicians” English is absolutely everywhere. Internationally used names of computer parts, world’s best web pages, or shortcuts in programming languages, that is all English, or it comes from it.

Moreover, in my personal life I need English as well. It is the best language for me to speak abroad, on holidays or in connection with my sport activities – playing young evolving sport – floorball – or refereeing it. Furthermore, I play computer games, which are originally in English. Besides I play some games on the Internet international servers. Thus I have many e-friends not only from the Czech Republic and I need English to communicate with them.

So these would be my main personal reasons why to learn English. Maybe I “must” like English, and if this was the only reason why to like English, I would like it.


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