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Additional information about SKYPE conversation in October | September 12, 2008

By Galina Vitkova

Dear friend of technical English!

Let me add some more information details about SKYPE conversation in October.

The information, which each registered participant will receive, comprises the file containing the basic information about the proper topic immediately after registration and a file with a presentation (or presentations depending on an amount of registered participants) a day before the conference.

The basic information file looks like the content of the Demoversion, which you can link visiting the page DemoCompEn on this blog. It means besides the information given in the offered text you can find much more information using hypertext references or hyperlinks. The file contains a proper vocabulary on the topic and abbreviations (acronyms) used in the area. It helps you to gain knowledge and prepare to discuss the topic. For comprehensive preparing you can do exercises aimed at development of your communication skills, concretely for preparing your contribution or communication for the corresponding discussion topic.

The presentation file on the appropriate topic will be worked out by the main speaker (s). It should help you to better understand the issues and be well informed about them. The examples of such presentations are given on this blog. See pages: “Microprocessors history”, “WWW Functions”, and “Search Engines”.

Participating in our conversation conferences is a great opportunity for development of your communication skills. Simultaneously it will contribute to your general knowledge of the topic.

Do not hesitate and join us.

Just click on victe@volny.cz and sign up!



  1. Спасибо!

    Comment by Gift — September 16, 2008 @ 8:21 pm

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