Why Technical English

SKYPE conversation in October | September 4, 2008

By Galina Vitkova

Dear friends of technical English!

We are again preparing a series of SKYPE conversation conferences in English on technical issues in October. The issues concern computers and the Internet. The topics of these events are given below.

Discuss the topical issues via SKYPE

Register on victe@volny.cz


receive all necessary discussing materials for each topic

While registering let us know what topics you are interested in and what hours are suitable for you.

Topics of a new SKYPE conversation series


Internet English

Computer Architecture

· what that is

· benchmarking

· Computer Architecture on the future horizon

Internet Structure

· relationships between Internet networks

· principles of the Internet operation

· main functions of the Internet

· Internet standards

Central Processing Unit

· shortly about history of computing

· how it works

· main CPU components

World Wide Web

· shortly about history of the Web

· basic ideas of the Web

· HTML – HyperText Markup Language

· how the Web work

  • some statistics

Computer Memory

· what that is

· classification of memory

· virtual memory

· capacity and performance

Web servers and browsers

· Web server operation

· main parameters of web servers

· most common serving programs

· browser functions

· dominated browsers

Computer Hardware

· main components

· motherboard

· input and output device

Search Engine and SEO

· How a search engine works

· The most popular search engines

· meta search engines

· search engine optimisation (SEO)

· search engine strategy (SES)

Computer Software

· origin of the term

· relationshops to hardware and data

· software operation

· classification of software

· software quality factors

Website Design

· basic aspects of design (content, usability, appearance, visibility)

· website planning (purpose, audience, content)

· traffic building



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