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Last summer SKYPE conversation conference and concluding remarks about the summer conferences | September 2, 2008

By Galina Vitkova

On Wednesday 27th August the last summer SKYPE conversation conference took place. The animated discussion about search engines and their optimisation showed that the topic was interesting and insistent for participants.

What conclusions could be done after completing the series of such conferences? First of all it appeared to be quite clear that SKYPE fully proved its ability to be a good and simple instrument for online conversation via the Internet.

The experience showed that small conversation groups up to 5 participants might be an optimal number of people for 45-minuits sessions. Within this period each participant is actually able to take part in the discussion and have a short contribution. The topics, which were discussed and materials (e.g. see Search Engines presentation on the page of the blog), which each participant received before the sessions, were reasonable and sufficient. They enabled debutants to gain a sufficient knowledge about the topic and to be properly prepared.

Another important experience lies in the fact that it is necessary to have a number of registered participants bigger than 5 because of busyness of people who want to take part in conversation.

In any case as one student says the SKYPE conferences are a great opportunity for speaking technical English.


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