Why Technical English

Students´ opinion (6) | July 28, 2008

Dear colleagues,

I would like you to pay attention to the next student´s opinion about technical English. In this essay the student emphasises limitedness of technical English. I don´t think technical English is low in expressing your professional ideas. It is only more standardised. What do you think?

Galina Vitkova

Technical English?

By Petr Mik

This is a strange title for the topic of an essay. And probably my ideas about this topic will be strange, too. I am expected to write that technical English is very interesting, but it is not true for me. The subject (content) of technical English is interesting and useful for me and everybody who is interested in similar things. But technical English has a poor structure and destroys the English language (in the Czech language the situation is similar). I must use the passive because it is often used and its using is common and normal in technical English. I work little with the rich English tenses store. In this regard I don’t like technical English. Nevertheless, I know that I will very often use this part of English in my branch and life too and its using will be necessary for me.


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