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Second summer SKYPE conversation conference | July 23, 2008

By Galina Vitkova

The summer English conversation conferences are designated for those who want to express themselves more fluently and clearly in spoken technical English. The second such conversation conference was held on 16th July 2008 via SKYPE. It started at 15:00 and finished at 15:40 of the Central Europe Time. All of participants were from the Czech Republic. In the course of the conference the significant topic applied to WWW was discussed. Before the conference the participants obtained detailed materials about main issues of the topic. Moreover, everybody additionally received layouts of presentations, which helped better comprehension of the topic. The audibility was sufficient for this once.

The next (third!) SKYPE conversation conference topic is


The conversation will be held on 30th July at 15:00 of the Central Europe Time.

Within the topic the following issues will be mainly discussed:

· Microprocessors – brief history

· Integrated circuits

· Typical usage of microprocessors

· Microprocessors and CPU

· Future of microprocessors

The conversation will run in actual technical English. Participating in our interactive SKYPE setting you will develop both fluency and accuracy of your English communication skills.

When preparing your contribution or comments, follow the recommendations in:


http://ctn.cvut.cz/pt/index.php?year=2008&idissue=67 .

Register on the victe@volny.cz and receive all necessary data!


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