Why Technical English

Students´ opinion (2) | May 24, 2008

Let´us go on inquiring about students´s opinion on Technical English. Enjoy the text below.

Galina Vitkova



About me

        By Ondřej Sklenář

I have been learning English since I began studying at the Czech Technical University.

I like that almost everybody in nowadays world speaks at least Basic English. English is a keystone to the human communication all around the world. Otherwise our society already experienced the same point of view at Russian language few years ago (being forced to learn compulsory Russian against their will). However, according to my humble opinion, the best language to study is undoubtedly Chinese because it is a logical step to understand people who speak the most-worldwide-spread language.

I expect improvement of my grammar knowledge and enlargement of my vocabulary. The best way how to fulfill my goals is to discuss as many conversation topics as possible and to thrash out daily news and problems.

As for technical English, the most of technical texts, manuals and guides on the Internet are written in English. So from my point of view reading them is not easy, but important.



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